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Environmental Policy Statement

To sustain this commitment, the requirements of the Environmental Management System described in this statement applies to all activities, equipment, material and employees.

The EMS Management Representative may delegate some of this authority downward through the organization in order to effectively implement the system.

  1. Republic Metals Corporation is committed to a continual improvement of its Environmental Management System, which includes the following:
    • Prevention of pollution.
    • Compliance with all applicable federal, state, and county safety & environmental rules and regulations.
    • Efficient use of energy and raw material.
    • Meet or exceed the environmental requirements of other relevant regulatory bodies.
    • Provide a safe environment for all employees.
  2. The Company's Environmental Manager has the responsibility and authority to plan, enforce, and maintain the company's Environmental Management System. This responsibility also includes the following:
    • Stoppage of activities that deviate from the requirements of this statement.
    • With the assistance of the Environmental Task Group, will propose annual targets and objectives to be approved by the Management Review Board.
    • Communicate our commitment to safety and environmental excellence to employees, vendors, customers and the public.
  3. This Environmental Policy Statement shall be reviewed yearly and previous copies shall be retained for one year.

Mr. Richard D. Rubin
Founder & President - Republic Metals Corporation

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